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12,00 EUR*
Details Profiling. Neue Eingliederungsstrategien in der Arbeitsvermittlung

Profiling Neue Eingliederungsstrategien in der Arbeitsvermittlung. Beiträge aus Theorie und Praxis

28,49 EUR*
Details Chicanas and Chicanos in School: Racial Profiling, Identity Battles, and Empowerment (Louann Atkins Temple Women & Culture)

Chicanas and Chicanos in School A powerful account of how racial identity issues affect Chicana/o students' school success. Full description

111,14 EUR*
Details Hunting Serial Predators: A Multivariate Classification Approach to Profiling Violent Behavior (Criminal Justice Illuminated)

Hunting Serial Predators This text describes the empirical process used to analyze serial murderers' crime scene actions, making it possible to form logical decisions about how to detect and apprehend serial killers.

59,26 EUR*
Details MOB Outillage 7064501201 Spezial-Drechslerbeitel

Griff Holz nur verwendet wird, um die und, ein persönliches Profiling in Fasern Maße: I 9 x L 290 x hat 98 x E 8;: 125 g

14,49 EUR*
Details Nord Nord Mord (Teil 1 -3) [2 DVDs]

DVD-> Teil 1 - Nord Nord Mord: "Wer Krabben pult, hat Zeit zum Nachdenken - Profiling auf Norddeutsch sozusagen." Mit diesen Worten wird der junge Kommissar Hinnerk Feldmann (Oliver Wnuk) von seinem Vorgesetzten Theo Clüver (Robert Atzorn) ausgebremst ...

7,64 EUR*
Details Rachmaninoff - Second Piano Concerto Opus 18: Piano Solo Arrangement (Symphonies/Concertos for Solo Piano)

Includes an index profiling the 27 tempo variations as they are arranged in all three principal movements. Chord names included.

119,99 EUR*
Details Serial Murder and the Psychology of Violent Crimes: An International Perspective

Serial Murder and the Psychology of Violent Crimes Brings together an international collection of research literature on the topics of criminal profiling and serial violent crime. Integrating the insights of both scholars and practitioners from around ...

25,29 EUR*
Details The Grand Masters of Maine Gardening: And Some of Their Disciples

The Grand Masters of Maine Gardening Jane Lamb has been a major contributor of gardening articles to Down East magazine for nearly 20 years. Now 27 of her articles profiling Maine's premier gardeners and most outstanding gardens are collected in one ...

20,13 EUR*
Details Bosch 2609256667 DIY Hohlkehlfräser zweischneidig, HartMetall, 25.4 mm°, 6.3 mm, 6 mm, Anlaufkugel (1)

Shank 6 mm, dia. 25.4 mm, radius 6.3 mm, L 12.7 mm;Core box bits are used for edge profiling (e.g. with core boxes), for the construction of writing desks (hinge connections with core box profiles), producing decorative grooves, for structuring ...

280,26 EUR*
Details Advanced Nutrition Big Bud 10L – anspruchsvoll Nährstoffe, Bloom Boost Bigger Buds Ergiebigkeit DR Hornby

Big Bud 10L, X 2 = 20 L 2 von Woche 2 Blüte am Ende der Woche 4 ml pro Liter.Dr. Hornby hat Jahre der umfangreichen Forschungs- und Profiling, zu pflanzen. Sein Wissen, Leidenschaft und Liebe für diese Arbeit hat beispiellose Produkte, die SuperCharge ...

12,00 EUR*
Details Bosch 2609256641 DIY Viertelstabfräser zweischneidig, HartMetall, 31.8 mm, 9.5 mm, 1/4 Zoll, Anlaufkugel (1)

Shank 1/4, dia. 31.8 mm, radius 9.5 mm, L 16 mm;For decorative surface profiling in furniture and manufacture and interior fitting work, for example for imitation of tongue and groove joints in solid wood if the full working length of the router bit ...